Our Mission and Values

Aspen Grove Advocacy Supports provide private support coordination services for individuals receiving services through the Home and Community Based Waiver program offered by the Division of Services for People with Disabilities.Our services are covered by your existing DSPD/waiver budget, so there’s no additional cost to you. We offer statewide support with experienced and qualified coordinators. Get in touch to see how we can help you reach your goals.


Our Mission Statement:
Empowering Lives with Dignity. We champion meaningful support for individuals with disabilities, fostering hope and independence through integrity, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Aspen Grove Advocacy saved my daughter’s life, my life, as well as the lives of our whole family! My coordinator is phenomenal to work with. Our family was in a dark, dark, DARK place and desperately needed help and intervention. Several people in the community highly recommended calling Aspen Grove Advocacy for help. We had no idea what our options were and had no idea how to help our daughter. So I called an Aspen Grove coordinator and, even though she was not assigned to be my caseworker, she went above and beyond to save our family and assist us in getting the information and help our whole family needed. She is calm, concise, educated, always positive, genuine and experienced in the realm of disabilities as well as caring for families that are their caretakers. When needing to find options to create the best life possible for both our daughter and our family, it has been vital to have a credible company who has the knowledge and experience to walk us through the steps needed to have a high quality of life. Our daughter is now thriving in the programs that are available to her. Without the assistance of a quality case worker, we would still be in a dark place. I want the world to know there are wonderful people and programs available to help our special loved ones and their families. I am very grateful for the quality service we have received and continue to receive through Aspen Grove Advocacy. They have given us another chance at life and our daughter’s life is enriched because of it.  



We have worked with Aspen Grove Advocacy when my son first started receiving services about 10 years ago. Our coordinator has been very professional and responsive to our questions and concerns. She cares about our son and wants the best for him. She is very knowledgeable in the many resources available to those with special needs and is willing to share them when we need some help. We have loved working with Aspen Grove Advocacy and would recommend them to anyone looking for their services. They have made a very positive impact in our son’s life!