Welcome to Aspen Grove Advocacy.

Hope, Dignity, & Empowerment, No Matter Your Journey.

Welcome to Our Grove


Aspen Grove Advocacy, LLC is a private disability support coordination company.

With integrity, creativity, and resourcefulness, our mission is to promote services that empower people with disabilities with hope, dignity, and the supports needed to live a meaningful life.

WE SERVE consumers and have Support Coordinators along the Wasatch front, from Payson to Logan.

WE ARE CONNECTED to the local communities and draw from the combined knowledge and backgrounds each coordinator brings with them to serve you

WE CARE about the lives of our consumers and their families.

WE ADVOCATE for services within DSPD and connect you with the community, in order to acheive your goals for success and support.

WE SUPPORT you in developing plans to find the most appropriate services and select a delivery model based on your individual needs and wishes. background.

get the support you need